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Ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc.Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 Download (1996 Sports Game)

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That is what’s boldly written on the box, anyway. Ultimate Soccer Manager 2по ссылке new offering from Sierra yeah, the guys from King’s Questhails to be the new king of Soccer Management games. The game touts itself as “The most comprehensive football management sim yet”, boasting almost unlimited training options, with the ability to draw up plays to be used during a match, financial options going as far as choosing what kind of merchandise is sold at your fan stores, full SVGA match representation, and even “real life” extras such as rigging matches and offering “bungs”.

All in all, this seems перейти на источник promising. Do we have a new bearer of the crown?

After having my appetite roused with all the delicious options promised on the box cover, it occurred to me that maybe it was time I took the game out and started playing. No, really. Even in Windows 95, the installation ran faultlessly.

A refreshing change. When ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc look at how badly Domark messed the Championship Manager 2 installation, you have to thank Sierra for making this one a snap. You do have to run a sound setup utility, but since the game uses solely digital sound, choosing “Sound Blaster” should work with any compatible sound card, even if its not listed. The manual is sparse, trying to cover too much ground using too little substance. You get a very!

This also means that many control options and shortcuts are left for you to find out on yourself. Take, as an example, swapping players on the team roster. The manual tells you that you should left click on a player’s name, click on a button marked “swap” which is at the other end of the screen, of coursethen left click again on the player to be swapped with.

Very cumbersome. There are quite a number of such omissions, and the readme file, sadly, isn’t of any help. This по этому адресу only a minor annoyance, though, as the game itself is presented very well indeed.

The interface is smooth; Sierra has included an icon toolbar at the top of screen, which enables you to move from everywhere to anywhere within взято отсюда click. And its not as if you have to memorize all those icon images. Hovering over an icon shows its description to the right of a small black bar at the top of the screen.

And as most everything is right where you would expect to find it, this has to be one of the best interfaces I’ve ever seen. I grew used to it in 60 seconds flat. And it doesn’t end there. All screens are fully SVGA, with readable fonts, generally without any clutter. Using a correct blend of colors and line spacings except, maybe, in the team roster eliminates much of the dreaded “info hunting”, that is evident in such games as Premier Manager 3. Considering the seemingly overwhelming amount of options available, USM2 makes a real effort to help the player get on ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc having fun, and, in the most part, succeeds.

Kudos to Sierra for that! So how does it actually play? The game starts with you and up to 7 others having to pick a team to manage. All teams down to the conference league are present. You can only edit the teams before you start playing, including the team and player names.

Then you get to choose the amount of starting cash available to you- in a multiplayer game, everyone gets the same amount. All that’s left is choosing game parameters such as whether to allow match rigging yes, you can offer “bungs” and bribe teams- just don’t get caughtor have the commercial game business management part on, and off you go. I wish the game had a “random starting cash within ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc option, but thats a personal and probably not so popular preference.

I spent many a frustrating hour trying to find a way to change the settings during the game. An eventual letter to one of the developers revealed that clicking on the small, black, description bar at the top of the screen brings up a sound setup menu. Why isnt this documented?! The game ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc is very, very accessible. And since everything uses the same evaluation method ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc scoringthe player is saved the annoying task of translating everything to be on the same scale.

Did I remark already on how ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc the game is? The main screen is a representation of your stadium and its surroundings, including everything from bars, parking and floodlights to the bank and your chairman’s office. Everything, of course, is expandable- if you have the cash, you can build fan clubs, add covered terraces, the lot.

You can even decide what kind of merchandise is sold at which stores. And should you feel that this is too much of a hassle, naruto pc game download kostenlos deutsch can delegate these tasks to your reasonably efficient assistant.

Speaking of assistants, I must emphasize how well USM2 adapts itself to your pace. You can delegate almost every task, or dive in deeply. I have been able to run a reasonable 10 match “season” in 45 minutes – and play the span between two matches in This means the game will appeal to the impatient as well as the patient, to the knowledgeable and the wary. There are four places wherein you run your team- Your office, your chairman’s office, the changing room, and the bank.

All is very sensible: in your office download game 2009 pc find all that is not coaching- transfers ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc, club files, news, results from other competitions etc.

Your chairman’s is the place in which to decide on advertising, sponsors, ticket prices, and get sacked.

The changing room is for coaching, training, and general handling of your staff and players. And the bank is, well, a bank- that’s where you loan money or invest your excess cash to get some interest on it. Training your chumps-to-be-champs is fun. Choose team training, where you на этой странице a day-by-day representation of your team’s training schedule, or decide on individual training for each player.

Deciding on team training is detailed, yet ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc there’s a screen with a line for each day of the week, 6 spaces per line, each representing an hour of the day say, am. Using 16 different icons, put in a training scheme for each hour of each day. You can, for example, choose to work on Defense, Offense and penalties on Monday смотрите подробнее, then play 5-a-side all day on Tuesday.

The same screen also shows you what areas of the play your team is stronger in, and where they need to improve. Individual training works differently. You have to ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc staff for that- there are источник статьи for every skill, themselves rated so you’ll know who to hire.

Of course, most of the time there is a limited amount of coaches available, which keeps things balanced you cant just go out and get a superb coach for every skill! In the individual training screen you have a listing of the players and the available coaches. Each coach has a different color.

You pick a coach, then click on the specific skill under the player’s listing you would like him to train. That player’s skill value is then changed to the respective coach’s color, so you will know who does what under whose supervision. Every player can individually train one skill at a time.

Another part of your squad are the ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc. You can ask them to watch after specific players, or set criteria for the them look for say, a years old attacker, value KK, with Shooting, Passing and Inspiration as his three primary skills.

And this brings us to the transfer market. The transfer system in USM2 is very simple. Too simple, in fact. You find a player you want, suggest a fee and contract, and immediately get an answer. No suspense.

The much more realistic CM2 system springs to mind almost immediately. USM2in this regard, feels unnatural; there is no sense of triumph in getting the player you want from under some other team’s nose, nor the relief felt after a long negotiation.

It just doesnt feel “real” enough. The most intriguing feature of USM2 must be the tactics editor. Ever dreamt of devising that killer free kick, that no one will be able to defend against? Well, here you can do it. And it actually works.

I have designed a corner kick play that gave http://replace.me/13032.txt a decisive goal, 85 minutes into a cup match. Pity I accidentally overwrote it later And since you have to assign this training time at the expense of training in other areas, it is not as easy as find-the-killer-move-and-win-the-champs.

Everything takes time, as it should, and letting your team fall behind in penalty taking because you want them to be the best upper corner takers in the league might be frustrating when you find yourself missing penalties right and left on the shoot-out in the semis. You can, in addition to set plays, devise “real time” attacking and defensive maneuvers and you can pull amazingly intricate moves if you put enough time into it and you have the right players to perform them.

Thought of that dave free pc download for 3 game dangerous right flank fast break? Http://replace.me/26517.txt it into action, and maybe, several months later, you can upset the league ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc in an away match with it.

It is important to note that prepared plays are limited in nature to what happens on the field. Devising that fast break might be grand, but it is very possible that the specific run of events ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc to prompt it into action will never happen. You create the plays based on where the ball is on the field which is divided into a 4-by-3 ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc at a particular time- http://replace.me/10662.txt, when the ball is out on your right wing with your wing-back try нажмите для деталей move in the picture below.

I must admit that I haven’t gone as deep into this as is evidently ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc, but I feel that it might well be worth the effort. And its fun The matches themselves are shown using the best match view I have ever seen in this type of game. You watch the field using a statickickoff line, “camera”, with little animations of the players and refs running around doing their stuff.

This is so much better then anything else, that I just couldn’t understand why its not the standard The problems with the match view were so annoying, that I found it hard to believe I was playing the same, cleverly presented game.



Ultimate soccer manager 2 free download pc

WebSep 08,  · Download Soccer Manager on PC with BlueStacks today! Minimum System Requirements With BlueStacks 5, you can get started on a PC that fulfills the . WebDec 28,  · Ultimate Soccer Manager 2: Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming: Internet Archive Ultimate Soccer Manager 2 Publication date Sierra On-Line Ltd. . WebUltimate Soccer Manager 2 is a game sports developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.. Originally released in United Kingdom in .


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