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To keep things compatible with OMSI, this map takes place in a ficticious setting, however bus depot assignments and most streets ingame are actually based on real life locations. Welcome to the New Era Universe, a completely redone version of your soon-to-be favorite map!

This is the Public Release of Version 7. This version features a completely overhauled map which was remade from scratch, fixing Chrono issues, adding scenery, and two brand new terminals! New Era…. This map contains 3 cities and 4 towns. The main city, known as Grundelphia, is loosely based on Philadelphia, PA while being built off of the original Grundorf map.

All three cities have many bus routes that run based on the era. Welcome to Willshire, A fictional Canadian city set in the province of Ontario. Willshire is set in the present time and is one of four cities in the area…. These maps are broken down in different categories in the tables below :. Remember that in order for the map to be playable, all addons Scenery Objects , Splines and Textures must be downloaded and installed correctly.

Some maps require payware addons ; they need to be purchased on Steam. Others have a more difficult installation and some tips are written on the column “Installation” in the tables.

If after installing the map correctly, it is still not playable invisible , check with Map Tools Forum , for missing splines and objects. Real Maps consist of maps, with real bus lines in real cities recreated in the game, with accuracy. Download Fix Forum. Fix1 Fix2 Forum. Fix Forum. Main Content. It is necessary April 29, Large village map. Contains 4 routes. Perfect for weak PCs! In this version, the map has undergone significant changes:The city part has been rebuiltOn the route of the former route 49, the 4-lane highway has been January 19, Fictional Russian suburban map.

The scene of action is somewhere in the Central Black Earth region. List of changes compared to versions 0. January 1, Fictional picturesque map of the Russian hinterland. The final version of the map!


Mapa para omsi download


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Recommended Mod. Welcome back to Gainsborough Gainsborough is a small market town, located in rural Lincolnshire, some 15 miles north of the county capital – Lincoln. Public transport in these areas is mapa para omsi download, compared to other, more densely populated towns and cities in the UK. Making profitable and regular public transport here is a real challenge! The main operator here is Stagecoach East Midlands – who operate 2 town routes, the 1 and 2, which pre-covid each operated every hour, as well as a handful of more rural services to Retford and Doncaster – as well as “Interconnect “, between Lincoln and Scunthorpe – All of which operate hourly at best.

The operator is “Lincolnshire Roadcar”, who operated almost all services Gainsborough until they were taken over by Stagecoach, as part of the acquisition of the Yorkshire Traction group in Drivable routes are: – Gainsborough to Saxilby to Lincoln Every 60 minutes, takes around 50 minutes – Gainsborough to Park Springs Every 60 minutes, takes around 25 minutes – Gainsborough to Park Springs Every 60 minutes, takes around 25 minutes – Gainsborough to Morton Every 60 minutes, takes around 30 minutes – Gainsborough to Depot via Corringham Road Every 60 minutes, takes around 20 minutes.

Credit: mrmoose. Because this requires Scunthorpe to work, both maps are included. That means you can drive on the version or the version with this one download. Also included is Cotterell, since the map was also a requirement.

All required files are included to get started. However, the default AI list may not work unless you own some of the payware buses. You mapa para omsi download use the Trident London Variant which is included. It runs between Pimlico a residential area filled with Regency architecture and grid style streets sitting on the bank of the river Thames and Hampstead Heath a huge public park in North London surrounded mapa para omsi download affluent houses and the Royal Free Hospital.

The route takes just under an hour at peak time, down mapa para omsi download 40 mins during a night run. It’s 7 miles long. There are unscheduled curtailments set up in the map. The route mapa para omsi download uses the New Routemaster and was the first route in London to do this. It runs download call of duty 1 pc full hours day and is operated by Abellio from their Battersea garage QB.

This depot is included in the map. These buses are all set up. It took me nearly 18 months to build the map from start to finish. Bowdenham LHD V4 Posted August 28, Download File Info An incredible British themed map, but please remember mapa para omsi download run on the left path which means you need a left hand drive записи servisni paket 3 windows media player verzija 11 download cab on the left, doors on the right.

Default OMSI 2 buses will work with this map, everything required has нажмите для продолжения included in the single download. Thank you for taking the time mapa para omsi download download the latest version of Bowdenham. Make sure you have the latest читать больше of OMSI 2 to make full use of this map which at the time of the maps release is 2.

Please make some time to read through this document to assist you in making sure that Bowdenham V4 installs correctly and runs without any issues. As with all previous versions of Bowdenham, this map remains a Freeware map available to everybody and free to modify for your own personal use. You may not upload this map or your modified versions of this map to any hosting sites without strict express permission.

Please bear in mind though, I mapa para omsi download only support this map on the AussieX forums and will not provide support for any modified versions of Bowdenham V4. Check the read me for the full description from the author. Credit: Dazza Credit: Link. Nysa 2. Ready to play! The original file included an executable file to extract the map, we have extracted it mapa para omsi download you. Simply drag and drop all files into your OMSI 2 folder.

Solaris Urbino bus included! Credit: Link. There are mountain hairpins, narrow villages, country roads, parked estates and a speedy dual carriageway. Make sure to look at your mirrors and get a real feel for the size for your bus.

Gainsborough Phase 2 Posted August 18, Download File Info Phase 2 see’s the completion of some of nagging issues left from Phase 1, which was released as a public beta, as well as adding a 12 mile extension from Lea Green to Saxilby, a nearby large Village, located between Lincoln and Gainsborough, following a section of the Real life Interconnect route to Lincoln, and some other tweaks to the Phase 1 network, including re-numbering the 1 and 2 to andNew service to Morton, and to Corringham Road.

The wait is over, and now you can download the definitive version of this iconic map. We’ve expanded routes, introduced new features and made a whole host of improvements.

The name of the map has changed, as well – we’ve dropped ‘Buses of the’, and shortened it to just ‘Westcountry’, to reflect a revitalized and greatly improved map. Westcountry 3 New Users Download. Search for a mod.


Mapa para omsi download


A small fictitious trolleybus map of the Bronitsyn town. Also in the archive there is a страница informant to the map. There is one route number 1 on the map Brick factory mapa para omsi download Dispatch office — for 17 minutes. For weak PCs, the corresponding settings are used in the option prese Large village map. Contains 4 routes. Perfect mapa para omsi download weak PCs! In this version, the map has undergone significant changes:The city part has been rebuiltOn the route of the former route 49, the 4-lane highway has been rebuilt into a dirt roadThe names of set Mapw large, interesting map consisting of several combined maps such as: Omninsk mapa para omsi download.

Now you can ride from Omninsk mapa para omsi download Gorodets! There are 28 routes on the map. It is necessary downlowd disable collisions in the game! For weak PCs, it is recommended t Fictional Russian suburban map.

The scene of action is somewhere in the Central Black Earth region. List of changes compared to versions 0. Most of the places and mapa para omsi download have been redone for Fictional picturesque map mapa para omsi download the Russian hinterland.

The final version of the map! The required version of apra game is not lower than 2. An updated version of the popular нажмите для деталей. Version 2. Required Читать больше version — not lower than 2. All unused objects have been removed fro A fairly iron ed hunter pc download fictional Russian map.

Contains maap routes. This time the archive is complete and contains no errors! Suitable for weak PCs! Plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity and ride along the ancient streets of the ancient city!

For the most part, this project is fictional, with продолжение здесь exception of the actual route grid and the names of the stops. This is a kind of fantasy on the theme of There are no mapping fixes or alterations in this patch, as we want to save time by bundling all changes together in the next version. Serpovsk — Fictional City Map. Installation: Copy the contents of the arc I hope you have found a way to add Kirkwood.

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Omsi 2 – Lugovoye Map Omsi 2 – Maps Mapa para omsi download 2 – Suzdal Map V2. Omsi 2 – Serpovsk Map V1. ETS2 – Truck Physics v2. ETS2 – Weather V2.


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