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Windows 10 1703 download iso itapevi spirit

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For this walk through, I will be detailing the steps I personally use. Please note that there are multiple ways to achieve the same end goal. I have, however, successfully used this method for the last four years without issue — deploying across thousands of computers within the organization I work for and of course at home as well. Enable the Hyper-V Platform and reboot the host. When prompted, click Restart now. Click Create Virtual Switch. Check Allow management operating system to share this network adapter and click OK.

Click Yes on the notice prompt. Select Generation 2 and then click Next. Navigate to Action and click Start. Windows will reboot and log you in with the Administrator account. When presented with the System Preparation Tool window, click Cancel. As I mentioned in my previous articles, Audit Mode is still my favorite method of configuring a customized Windows build before sysprepping. It baffles me how, even in , this feature goes unnoticed and ignored even by Microsoft themselves. In fact, I find myself removing those apps when I can.

This mode, upon initial login of a new user, commences the automatic download of a plethora of unrequested UWP apps, thus filling the start menu with games like Candy Crush.

I deplore this feature beyond anything Microsoft has done in the past. It cheapens the Windows experience and frankly, I think they should be embarrassed that this is included in their flagship product. Fortunately, this feature can be disabled — but only on Enterprise edition. Running Windows Update If you followed my Windows 8. Fortunately, this is no longer the case! Someone at Microsoft must of read this blog ;-. This is great news. These include:.

Upon restart and installation of the latest Cumulative Update , Windows will automatically log you back into Audit Mode make sure to click cancel on the sysprep popup again! After confirming the OS is fully up to date, now is the time to make any tweaks and install all applications that you want embedded into your custom Windows build. Some apps I find useful like the Weather app , while others I find to be redundant and a waste of space Mail, Calendar — these are useless if you use Outlook.

Because of this, I have done the hard work for you and generated two groups of Powershell commands that need to be ran as admin — and after doing so, all non-essential UWP apps will be removed. Note: these apps can be redownloaded via the Windows Store if desired, but they will not be included in the base Windows install. Note: it goes without saying, but running these commands is completely optional.

When logged in, do not close the System Preparation Tool window. The hard part is done, next comes the fun part: capturing your customizations into an image file. The original Windows install media includes the vanilla install. On your host physical machine , open up Disk Management. Click Browse Navigate to the directory where the virtual disks are stored for stage This file is approximately 4 MB. At this point you will see one new read only disk with three partitions.

Make note of the third partition drive letter in my case, the G: Drive. Depending on your processing power, this may take a little while. Why MB? Click OK when prompted to confirm.

At this point, you are ready to create your ISO. Side note: If you decided to follow my Powershell commands which remove the majority of built-in UWP apps, you may notice something odd when opening the Start Menu after a fresh install.

The simplest fix? If you find one, please comment below and let me know! Let me know your experience with following these steps!

And for those who followed the Win 8. Skip to content. At this point, we can now safely enable the Network Interface on this VM.

Click OK to save your changes. After logging in, double check to confirm that all updates have been installed. Creating a WIM file The hard part is done, next comes the fun part: capturing your customizations into an image file. Open the Command Prompt with Administrator Rights. Open This PC and double click the newly mounted drive.



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